What about prostitution in Dubai ?

It is unimaginable to many people when you tell them prostitution exist in a place like Dubai. A Middle Eastern country believed to be dominated by Muslims with stringent laws against vices like prostitution.
Actually, prostitution in Dubai has existed for quite a while and is quickly gaining more pace as the city is been visited by more and more tourists. I know you are surprised by welcome to reality.
It happens in Dubai and it happens a great deal.
The miserable thing is that prostitution is unlawful on paper.
In any case, for all intents and purposes, Prostitution is now a normal and common in Dubai. There are such a large number of spots that are recently overwhelmed with whores that are so clear but then disregarded by the law authorities.


Prostitution in Dubai Anybody can recognize a whore in Dubai from far away. Truth be told there are such a large number of assigned regions where you can discover them at whatever time you go. The funny thing is that the authorities in Dubai created stringent laws against watching offensive films on TV or viewing offensive materials on the internet but yet you can simply leave your apartment and discover 10 whores directly not far off from you.
Prostitution in Dubai as gone to the stage where you see prostitute centers close to mosques I know it sounds weird to you but in Dubai, it has become a norm and acceptable.
The History of the prostitution problem in Dubai

The history behind the prostitution issue in Dubai dates back to a little more than 10 years or something like that. It is an implicit and unpublished truth among numerous people living in Dubai that prostitution in Dubai turned into a consistent event once the foreign populace began to increase rapidly.
There were many instances of nearby Arabs abducting the spouses of expatriates’ men who came to Dubai for work. The ladies were assaulted and returned back. Also, on the grounds that Dubai is a Sheikdom and they do not practice democracy, the laws of the Emirate were (and still are) consumed and intended to support the locals. Yes, they can basically do anything they need and escape with it.
Dubai is composed of more males than females with a ratio of male to female standing at about 3:1 This is also a reason why the night life or prostitution in Dubai is thriving and most of the locals can afford to pay for the services of these prostitutes who are mostly foreigners.
Prostitution is a colossal issue in Dubai

Prostitute Trafficking
Trafficking of girls started striving in Dubai most times the girls are tricked to follow their masters from Eastern Europe, Asia and Africans to Dubai for a lucrative job on getting to Dubai they end up becoming sex slaves. most of the girls end up embracing prostitution since they are getting well payed. Arabs and Dubai girls are also not left out they are even the most expensive set of prostitutes they charge as much as $1000 per night while Chinese charge the least a times around $200 per night.
As Dubai has turned into a great pick for tourist, numerous travelers (men especially) pick Dubai as a get-away spot mostly on account of the open prostitution. Dubai is viewed as a “sex paradise” much like spots like the Philippines and Morocco.

So while it might come as a shock to you to experience this sight directly by yourself, don’t be amazed. Prostitution has turned into a piece of Dubai culture (particularly nightlife) and the law enforcers are not interested in cubing it.

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